In response to the COVID-19 situation, we want to provide parents and their families with ways to grow in faith and lead their children to do the same, as well as ways to stay active and build relationships in positive ways.

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Sunday-August 23

Bottom Line:  God created you to work with others.

Bible story:  With a Little Help from My Friends (Four Friends Who Helped) • Mark 2:1-12

This Month's Theme:  Creativity—Imagining what you could do because you're made in God’s image

Curriculum access has changed: All Resources and Videos (PreSchool & So and So Show)
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Easter Sunday-April 12

Ms. Cindy from our Children's Program tells the Easter Story to Kids (grab some props & join along!)
Thank you Cindy!

Today's Bottom Line: Jesus put us first. 

A parent or any other "leader"  in your home just needs to follow the 4 steps below to have church with your child at-home. 
If you would rather use a print out of these steps, here is a downloadable PDF with the steps.

STEP 1: BIBLE STORY AND SO & SO SHOW  (for Grades K-5)


What You Need: 2 "Baskets, "12 plastic eggs
(if you do not have plastic Easter eggs you can roll sock pairs up into a ball and use each sock ball as an Easter Egg)

Don’t do anything only to get ahead.
Don’t do it because you are proud.
Instead, be humble.
Value others
more than yourselves.
Philippians 2:3 (NIrV)

Prepare: Make two sets of Easter Eggs (6 per set, each set of eggs is one color) that have this complete memory verse.
  1. Write the memory verse on paper
  2. Cut the paper into the 6 phrases
  3. Stuff a phrase in each egg

What You Do:
  • Scatter the verse-stuffed eggs around your home or hide them outside if it works in your environment to do this. 
  • Divide kids into two teams, and assign each team a color of eggs to find. 
  • They find the eggs and place the eggs in their basket and return to your space. (they do not have to return at the same time (it's a race)
  • When all their team's eggs have been collected, teams can open them to find their memory verse phrases.
  • These must be put together in order correctly for a team to win the game.

Here are some ideas for making the game a little more interesting:
  • Kids must collect the eggs using their elbows (or forearms) only—no hands allowed! 
  • After they find the eggs, must use their nose to roll the egg back to their area from a designated starting line; the baskets are left at the team line. 

What You Say at the end of the game:
“Our verse perfectly describes what happened on Easter when Jesus put us first and followed God’s rescue plan for humanity.

“The first part of our verse talks about not trying to prove how awesome we are. Even though He had the power to do it, Jesus didn’t stand up and call down a host of angels and save Himself off the cross. Jesus didn’t show off His miraculous power. He accepted God’s plan and put us first.  The second part tells us how to value each other. 

Talk about it: 
  • How did Jesus put us first instead of His own wants or needs?
  • What are some ways can we show God how much we appreciate what Jesus did for us?

“Dear God, we are so grateful that Jesus put us first.  We are so grateful that You planned to rescue us so we could be with You forever. We remember every Easter that in Jesus You have defeated death and that nothing can separate us from Your love. We love You, too. Amen.” 

Downloads for Easter Sunday April 12

Sunday Outline, God Time Paper, Parent Cue (These  will be added closer to Easter Sunday)


Get creative and have fun and build relationships with your kids and others.


Choose a place together with your child to create a Thankful Wall. Use post-its, paper/tape, or a larger piece of paper to write on. Help your child post as many items as you can think of that they are thankful for. Visit the wall often throughout the day to add new items and choose your favorite. Share a picture of your wall with us on Freedom Church Cincinnati-Facebook or email!


Help your child choose a friend or relative that needs some encouragement. Draw a picture or create a simple art project. Write a short note on the project that says, "A little something to brighten your day!" Put it in an envelope and mail it to them or take a picture of it and text it to them. 


Here are a few quick tips on how to make the most of your at-home learning experience from the Parent Cue.


Help your child collect an assortment of art supplies to use to create a craft project such as newspaper, magazines, pipe cleaners, string, paper cups, cardboard, or buttons. Don't forget to hit up the recycling bin! Let them use these items to create whatever they want and then give the project a name. Post a picture of their beautiful creation on our social media pages for all to see!


Play a game of Simon Says with your child using only exercise moves. Choose one person to be the leader and insert their name before the word "says". Use moves such as jumping jacks, wall sits, bear crawls, or your best yoga pose to lead everyone in some extra family fitness.


Let's take a family photo! Talk with your child to choose a theme for the photo such as a sport, a movie, or your favorite season. Choose an outfit that matches the theme. Once everyone is dressed up, find a fun spot to take a group selfie..
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(click on images for episodes)

15 to 30 minute episodes from Right Now Media .

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Ms. Cindy shares this story for kids. Grab or make/color some “frogs, pond, and a log” and join in!
Ms. Stephanie shares the story of Jonah and the Whale - join in!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We partner with parents to lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus. Freedom’s Children Church provides engaging, faith-building experiences that teach God’s Word in age-appropriate ways.
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Your children will know they are loved, safe and secure as you leave them with dedicated  caregivers and teachers. They will experience and learn of God’s love through play, music, stories and crafts.
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